Inquiring minds want to know

Inquiring minds want to know: Why are my bell boots on upside down all the time? And no, my hooman is not incompetent. The fact is, my mom is really pretty darn clever.

So, settle in and let me tell you about it… Getting old is a pain in the “you know what”!! Getting up and down takes a lot more effort these days, but I still LOVE a good roll in the sand, and I do it every day! It makes my body feel soooo good. It gets all the kinks out and scratches a lot of the itchy spots I can’t reach. It is just wonderful. I pick a good sandy spot. I dig it up a little first and then I do a lot of groaning and wallowing to show my people just how wonderful it is. Everyone stops to watch me, I just love the attention.

I know, I know, back to the bell boots. The big problem is that when I get up and down, I scrape the fronts of my fetlocks on the ground. My mom wasn’t about to let this happen, so she dreamed up the upside-down bell boots and guess what, it worked like a charm! So now I just wear them all the time!

I also wear my Back on Track quick wraps while I am hanging out in my stall and loafing pen. Several of you have noticed that too. You guys are like eagle eyes when it come to this stuff. As you know, I was a pretty amazing high-performance athlete and I always gave 110%. I have some old injuries (well, quite a few, actually). I like to live up to my name Cat Burglar, I have nine lives and I use them! Those Back on Track wraps are the ticket. They keep the filling out of my legs, and I am not nearly as stiff when I head out to the pasture for the evening. I highly recommend them!

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