Happy Vaccination Day

OUCH! No, it isn’t a fly biting me (and thank goodness, because flies are the WORST!) It was my good friend Dr. Jackie sticking me with a needle. Ouch, there she goes again. Geeze, are you done yet? How many of those things are you hiding in your hand anyway?? Of course, I never let the humans know it stings. Stoic is my middle name. I just stand there looking regal and act like nothing is happening. After all, I am a thoroughbred and an event horse, so I have my reputation to uphold.

Mom said it was that time of year again and I was due for my annual vaccinations. I am not exactly sure what they are, these things called vaccinations, but they only make my neck a little sore for a day, so it isn’t that big a deal. I have had worse pain in my life, but that is a story for another time.

I guess vaccinations are supposed to keep me healthy. They must work because at 24 I feel really great. Aside from a little soreness in my old joints, I still have plenty of spunk! I show that off when I gallop in from the field. (Between you and me, I get a little winded at the top of the hill, but no one seems to take much notice.) A perk of retirement is that I don’t get near as many vaccinations as I did when I was a show horse traveling all over the countryside competing. Back then I got stuck twice a year! Now, because I am retired and just hang out at home, I only get them once a year and not as many.

I do like that Dr. Jackie though, because most of the time when she shows up, she gives me a shot that makes me feel REALLY good. I forgive her for just pricking me today. They asked to have their picture made with me. Have to say, I still have what it takes to wow the ladies, don’t I?

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