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Endura-Max Plus™ Powder

Endura-Max Plus Powder provides the ingredients necessary to support optimal long-distance performance and maintain a healthy gastric environment.

Concentrated electrolyte; replenishes electrolytes and supports normal gastric environment.

Replenishes the additional calcium and magnesium depleted during long, slow work.

Easy to administer daily by mixing into concentrate ratio.

Available sizes:
5 lb (2.27 kg) container (80-day supply for 1 horse at maintenance feeding rate)
40 lb (18.14 kg) container (640-day supply for 1 horse at maintenance feeding rate)
60cc oral dosing syringe. Each syringe contains a single serving. 

EndurExtra® (export)

EndurExtra high-fat supplement supports weight gain, optimal digestion, and healthy muscles.

Appropriate for any age horse that is maxed out on grain or on a restricted diet, a hard keeper, underweight due to illness or malnutrition, or lacking the appetite to consume adequate calories

Contains natural vitamin E to support healthy muscle and nerve functions.

Provides essential omega-3 fatty acids.

Supplies direct-fed microbials that support a healthy hindgut and promote appetite.

Feed as little as 8 oz per day.

Available size:
22.1 lb (10 kg) bucket (44-day supply at 8 ounces per day)


Infinity all-natural stabilized rice bran is appropriate for horses of any age that need more energy than can be provided by quality hay and grains, or those on low starch/sugar diets.

High in healthy fat and fiber.

Does not cause the hormone spikes that lead to excitability.

Supports increased stamina and faster recovery after intense exercise.

Formulated with balanced calcium-to-phosphorous ratio to complement any feeding program.

Unique stabilization process ensures freshness.

Feed at a rate of 1-2 lbs per day.

Available size:
44 lb (20 kg) bag (44-day supply when fed at a rate of 1 lb per day)




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