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The horse that matters to you matters to Kentucky Performance Products®

When it comes to keeping your horse happy and healthy, you can depend on your friends at Kentucky Performance Products (KPP). Our company is owned and operated by horse people just like you. That means we’re out in the barn every day dealing with the same challenges you are. We’re committed to producing the best nutrition supplements possible because our horses use them too!

Each KPP supplement is crafted using research-proven formulas and the highest-quality ingredients. They’re mixed in certified manufacturing facilities, then checked and double-checked by our quality control team.

We are always available to answer your questions and help you choose the best supplement to fit your horse’s lifestyle.


Steps for Managing EMS Horses During the Winter

Winter can negatively impact horses challenged by equine metabolic syndrome in a variety of ways, and this can increase their risk for an attack of laminitis.

We’ve put together steps you can take to reduce the risk to your EMS horse this winter.

Featured Supplement


Low-sugar energy source:

  • Containing concentrated blend of readily digestible fats.
  • Supplemented at the low rate of eight ounces per day.
  • Proprietary blend of direct-fed microbials maintains normal digestive function.
  • Rich in natural vitamin E.


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