Overall, the food here is very good.

Slurp, slurp, nibble, nibble, slurp… I really do love my breakfast. I had a run-in with a little issue called choke a few years back, so now I get porridge for breakfast and dinner. Let me tell you, that choke is no joke (ha, ha, I made it rhyme). Seriously, they put a tube down my throat, and everyone was upset… it was horrible, so trust me, I don’t mind my meals being sloppy. I slurp them right up. I also get a tubful of very tasty soaked hay cubes every morning, they are delish!

I live right across from the feed room, so I get to watch the “short one” make my meals. I talk to her the entire time to make sure she gets it right. She likes to explain about feed and supplements so I know ALL about them. For breakfast and dinner I get a couple pounds of very tasty senior feed along with half a pound each of balancer pellets and Equi-Jewel rice bran. That keeps me looking fit and shiny.

I also get some extra goodies. A squirt of Contribute omega-3 fatty acids, to keep that nasty skin disease away. I am very sensitive, you know. I get two scoops of Elevate natural vitamin E to help my old immune system and keep my muscles and nerves healthy.

Since I moved here, I get 1/2 scoop of this wonderful tasting ProbioticWise at each meal. I was having this embarrassing problem, well, um, let’s say I had some very loose poop that got all over my butt and ran down my legs. It was just gross and embarrassing. The ProbioticWise took care of that, thank goodness!

Since I have a few old injuries, I get a Previcox every day. It keeps me running around the pasture like a kid.

Overall, the food here is very good. Well, the hay leaves a little to be desired. It isn’t BAD hay. It isn’t dusty or moldy or weedy, it is just… shall we say, “mature.” Of course, Ginger loves it… they even call it “pony” hay. She can eat lots of it and not get fat, so it must be some kind of diet food. I sort through and eat the good bits. And Ginger? She eats everything I leave behind, so it all works out.

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