The Quiet One

I have had a lot of human friends in my lifetime. For the most part I like humans just fine. I love the ones that ride me, as long as they can keep up with me. If they jump off too much, it gets frustrating. I have to stop and let them get back on. Sometimes they seem all nervous or mad after they jump off. I wonder to myself, If they don’t like it, why do they keep doing it? Just hold on, okay?? How hard can it be?! (Considering my catlike agility, it might be harder than I think.)

90% of the time I am very cooperative, and I am careful of my humans. I don’t kick or bite them, I move over when they ask, and I never run them over, even when I am very excited. I let them hug and kiss me, which isn’t my favorite thing. Humans seem to really like kissing on the nose, ugh I tolerate that, but only from my favorites.

What I really love is a good curry, ahhh heaven. I do like being the comic now and again. I make some great noises with my lips when I am on the cross ties. It seems to keep everyone entertained and I score extra peppermints.

The other 10% of the time I can be a handful. I don’t know what gets into me. I kinda lose my mind and just get all flustered. My humans call that a “Taco Moment.” After a while, I settle down and figure being cooperative is probably the best strategy. The Short One figured this out pretty fast. If I am having a “Taco Moment” she just leaves me alone and comes back later. She also brings me food so I try to keep her happy. I am not dumb!

One of my favorite people is the Quiet One. She is really tall, like me. I can look her in the eye with my head up. She always brings me carrots, which I love almost as much as peppermints. She whispers things to me and is very gentle. She doesn’t really feed or brush me or even ride me, we just hang out. She is a very relaxing human being to be around. I always look forward to seeing her.

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