It’s a miracle, I tell you, a miracle!

Well, this entire grazing issue is really heating up. My mom REALLY wants me to go out and eat grass every day. She says it is good for me, full of vitamins and minerals and healthy calories.

That is all well and good, but PEOPLE, the FLIES are back!! I go out to eat like a good boy and UGH, here they come! I had THREE on me yesterday, THREE. They are the most bothersome creatures and I just can’t tolerate them biting me. I squealed as loud as I could and ran back inside my stall. I was hoping my humans would get the hint. But no, each day they keep on trying to take me out. Mom tired the hand grazing thing, didn’t work, I wouldn’t eat. They took Ginger out to eat with me. I stayed for a little while because I love Ginger, but the entire time I tossed my head and stamped my feet and swished my tail, but it is no use… it wasn’t long before I squealed and ran inside. HELLO, hint, hint… it’s the bugs!

The short one spayed this smelly stuff all over me. It worked for like 1.2 seconds then the flies were on me like a dog on a bone. I ran back inside.

Finally, yesterday, my mom brings out this very interesting looking blanket. She called it a fly sheet. At first I was very hesitant, why would I want to put a sheet of flies on me! That sounded terrible, was it some kind of desensitization devise? AHHHH, torture! But she hasn’t steered me too wrong in life before, and it looked a little like my cozy warm blanket, so I tried it.

It was a miracle, I tell you, a MIRACLE. I didn’t feel a single fly and I stayed out enjoying the grass for hours.

Everyone was smiling!

My humans can be pretty smart sometimes.

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