The new guy moves in

I was snoozing in my stall yesterday when my mom’s trailer came rumbling up the drive. She had some dude in the trailer. He was a big fellow, black and white. We touched noses briefly as he came in the barn door, but I could tell he was nervous. He was snorting at everything like it was going to eat him. I thought, “Come on kid, this resort just isn’t that scary.”

There was a lot of oohing and aahing at his stall door. I was starting to get a little jealous, but then my mom came up and loved on me, so I felt better. She gave me about 100 treats (I am not sure how many that is, but it sounds like a lot) which always makes me happy. After supper I could tell something was up. They let the big black and white dude out in MY PASTURE! I was getting pretty excited. I like meeting new friends, but I didn’t want to overplay my hand, so at first I just ignored him. He was practicing social distancing or something because every time I went to get close, he walked off. I think he was nervous about meeting a celebrity like me.

I was persistent and finally he let me get close enough to say hello. He’s a young guy, just 9 years old. He said his name was Oreo, like the cookie, and that he was a dressage horse. “Is that all you do?” I asked.

“Yeah, and little hacking,” he said, “but mostly I go in circles and serpentines and you know, sideways and stuff.” I did know, I was an event horse and a dressage horse. Oh, the stories I can tell this boy.

He galloped around the pasture a few times, showing off his moves but I didn’t feel the need to show him up with mine, so I just watched. Mom thought maybe I was sick. I was just being polite. Poor kid was a wreck. He seems like a decent enough guy. Very nonconfrontational if you know what I mean.

At one point I almost got him to give me a back rub, but I think he is still a little nervous. I am not worried; I will show him the ropes and we will be good friends in no time.

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