The fine art of accepting treats from your human

Let me share a little secret with you. Humans love to give out treats. Take my mom, for example. I see her coming and I make a beeline to the stall door. Even if I am out in the pasture, if I see her car (she always rolls down the window and calls to me, so yeah, I know her car) I come running because baby she brings me some really good treats. Apples, carrots, cookies… a real smorgasbord. My all-time favorite is peppermints. I would DIE for a peppermint.

Humans can be a little strange about the treat ritual, though. Sometimes they hide them in their pockets and act like they don’t have any, but I always know when there is a treat around. I have “treat” radar! There have been times when I have had to just about take the treat out of my mom’s pocket myself. She keeps claiming she doesn’t have any. I keep insisting it is there, and finally she checks and sure enough, a treat appears. I have yet to turn down any treat that has ever been offered to me. I have to say, humans will offer you some pretty strange things.

Let me give all you young whippersnappers out there a hint: Be polite when it comes to treats. Act excited (it really helps) but for goodness’ sake don’t go after them with your mouth wide open and suck the human’s entire hand into your mouth. That will flat ruin your chances for any more treats. Simply nibble the treat out of their hand with nice soft lips. Look really eager for more and give them your cutest look, but don’t be too pushy and for heaven’s sake don’t pin your ears back! I guarantee, if you follow these simple rules you will get treats galore.

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