Taco Tuesday – Foot abscess edition

  1. It’s Taco Tuesday!
  2. Taco Tuesday special report
  3. Back in the day, I was a racehorse.
  4. To graze, or not to graze: that is the question
  5. It’s a miracle, I tell you, a miracle!
  6. The fine art of accepting treats from your human
  7. They called me the Cat Burglar
  8. Overall, the food here is very good.
  9. Inquiring minds want to know
  10. Housekeeping
  11. The new guy moves in
  12. Happy Vaccination Day
  13. Malfunctioning fly sheet edition
  14. The great escape
  15. Dog Days of Summer
  16. Down and Dirty
  17. The Quiet One
  18. Forest Monsters
  19. When the Farrier Comes
  20. Mealtime manner
  21. Happy Hour
  22. A day in the life.
  23. The Walking Wounded
  24. Friends
  25. Ginger the racing pony
  26. Those Dangerous Cows and the Gate
  27. Drunken sailor and the pregnant lady
  28. How to eat hay 101
  29. Fly-free at last
  30. Body Work Edition
  31. Rainy days and dry stalls
  32. The dream galloping edition!
  33. Where did Mocha go?
  34. Water
  35. Flying squirrels and giant lizards
  36. Leo came to town
  37. It’s Taco Tuesday again!
  38. Facemask tug-of-war
  39. Hey, it is Taco here with an update!
  40. Taco Tuesday – Foot abscess edition
  41. What next?

Hello everyone!

Life has been interesting lately. I developed a big abscess in my hind foot. It was very painful, and I was a pitiful boy for several days. I laid around in my stall and wouldn’t go out and play. I didn’t want to stand on my foot. I had everyone pretty worried because typically I am a ball full of energy!

Finally, one of my favorite veterinarians, Dr. Gould, was able locate the nasty pocket and drain it. Sweet relief! I heard it was pretty yucky when all that gross pus came out. I don’t remember, I was out of it at the time. Mom videotaped it and was showing it to everyone. You know how moms are…

As usual, nothing I do is straightforward, so it took multiple exams and X-rays to find the offending nastiness and then I had to soak my foot and take antibiotics for a long time.

I am doing so much better now. Mom or the Short One wraps my foot every night, but I feel up to going out to be with my friends again. It is sooo nice to feel better and get back to my chipper self.

Here are some photos of my daily soaking sessions. I liked to lean on Mom’s shoulder and look pitiful. She gave me lots of extra hugs and kisses and treats. I especially liked all the extra treats!

Until my next adventure,


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