Malfunctioning fly sheet edition

Hellooooo, yoo-hoo, yoo-hoo! You in the barn… hey short one… come out here and help me! It seems I have a fly sheet problem.

All in the world I wanted to have was a good roll and some grass. You know, a quiet evening out with my new buddy Oreo. And then this happened. Talk about binding!

I really have NO IDEA how it occurred. I was enjoying my evening roll, wallowing around in the dirt, minding my own business and when I stood up… OMG, I was wrapped up tighter than a tootsie roll. Thank goodness the short one was still fussing around in the barn or I would have been like that most of the night! It had something to do with that strap that goes under my tail, not being under my tail anymore… WHATEVER, just fix it please so I can resume my evening activities. Lots of very tasty grass awaits me.

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