The great escape

There is never a dull moment when you have fallen in love with a little cutie like Ginger pony. We get to spend every night together in the dry lot and oohh it is the best! We eat hay and groom each other. It doesn’t matter that she can’t reach any higher than my belly, I still love it. She gives the best belly rubs ever. She never leaves my side.

After our evening graze, Oreo and I come in around 11 pm and I spend the rest of the night with my girl. Normally the human, the one I call the Short One, closes the gate to the pasture after Oreo and I come up. But last night we were already up by the barn, waiting. Well, that feisty little Ginger girl took complete advantage and slipped around the Short One and trotted out her gate. She made a beeline to the open pasture gate and disappeared into the darkness! I could hear her galloping away!

I. Was. Horrified. Ginger was leaving me?!? I immediately sprang into action and galloped off after her, calling for her to wait for me! She was galloping happily around, feeling all proud that her little escape plan worked. All I could see is her little white spot flashing in the night. I galloped too, calling her name the entire time, but you know, it is exhausting running up and down those hills.

I finally had to trot. That is when the Short One showed up with a bucket of pellets. I was kinda over the whole running thing by then, so I let her catch me and take me to my stall. I was still concerned, and I still whinnied for Ginger, but I knew the Short One would get her eventually.

It seemed like forever, but then I saw them coming through the pasture gate and Ginger was happily munching some pellets out of a bucket. The Short One had captured her and returned her to me. I was so relieved! Ginger thought the entire affair was great fun and she said she is going to try again tomorrow night, but if I know the Short One, Ginger isn’t going to get that escape plan to work again.

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