Save money by cleaning your own blankets.

By Lisa Barry, FEI 5* Rider and Trainer

Are you sick of sending your blankets away to get professionally cleaned and spending a fortune on it?? Invest in a small power washer. You can easily get your blankets looking good as new by hanging them over a fence and power washing them.  When cleaning water proof blankets, reapply waterproofing after the blanket is completely dry.   This works for saddle pads too.

About Lisa:

Lisa Barry is a four-star event rider who has been riding and competing horses for 29 years, and has 16 years of international competition experience. Her horses have had top placings at many FEI events including at the Advanced/CCI4*/CCI5* level. Lisa has trained with Karen O’Connor for 25 years, and has worked for and ridden with Karen and David since she joined the O’Connor program as a working student when she was 17. Lisa competed at the 2015 Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event aboard her beloved FIS Prince Charming, aka “Peanut,” a tiny, feisty New Zealand OTTB. Lisa is currently training and coaching out of Lexington, Kentucky and Ocala, Florida. If you have questions for Lisa or would like to learn more about her program email her at

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