Don’t let the changing seasons catch your horse off guard

Don’t let the changing seasons catch your horse off guard

Fast Facts

snow-horse-pixabay-winter.jpgMany horsemen and horsewomen classify electrolytes as “seasonal supplements.” That way of thinking is certainly justified. After all, hardworking horses sweat most copiously in the late spring and summer when heat and humidity are at their peak. However, horses in work continue to sweat even in the fall and winter months. Cooler temperatures and dryer air cause the sweat to evaporate more quickly so it is not as noticeable. Electrolyte replacement remains critical for these individuals even in the cold weather. Electrolytes also stimulate the thirst response and keep horses drinking when cold temperatures reduce water intake. On the flipside, horses that sweat occasionally (once or twice a week) and drink plenty of water during the cold weather can probably replenish electrolyte reserves by the consumption of a well-formulated ration. Before you pack away your electrolytes, take the time to review your horse’s situation and make sure his needs continue to be met.

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winter horse rider.jpgDon’t let the changing seasons catch your horse off guard

As the seasons change, so do the quality and content of your horse’s feeding program. Winterizing your horse with Kentucky Performance Products supplements can help him cope with the stress of the changing seasons. Read full article.


Preparing for winter starts now

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What is your horse’s body condition score?

Body condition scoring is an easy method you can utilize throughout the year to see if your horse’s condition changes over time. Once you determine your horse’s body condition you can revise your feeding program as needed. Keep in mind, your horse’s body condition level can depend on a number of factors such as age, temperament, metabolism, level of work, breed, and current or past injuries or illness.

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Elevate® natural vitamin E protects against seasonal deficiencies

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