Preparing for Winter Starts Now



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Five tips to make sure your feed room and hayloft are ready for winter.

1. Clean out your feed room.

  • A clean feed room will help to reduce feed losses due to insect and rodent damage.
  • It will also give you more room to store and properly manage your feed, hay, and supplements.

2. Stockpile concentrates (sweet feed and pellets). There is nothing worse than running out of feed in the middle of a winter storm.

3. Fill your hayloft with good quality fiber.

  • The best way to keep your horse warm in the cold weather is to offer him or her plenty of good quality forage. If you can’t store enough to last the season, be sure you have a reliable source lined up so you don’t run out.

4. Take a supplement inventory. Start horses on winter supplements 

  • Some horses require additional vitamins and minerals when pasture grasses are no longer available. Other horses need additional energy and digestive support during cold winter months.
  • HAY + GRAIN + FAT SUPPLEMENT = Energy to maintain condition in cold temps.
  • Vitamin E research shows horses on winter pastures have lower vitamin E levels.

5. Protect medications and supplements. 

  • You are not going to have a good day when you find your medication or supplement has expired or is frozen. Inclement weather can stress horses and cause an uptick in injuries and illness, so be prepared!
  • Review all your medications and supplements toss those that are expired or damaged.
  • Store them according to the directions on the container.
  • Store at room temperature or under refrigeration;
  • Avoid freezing and excessive heat.

Ensure adequate vitamin E levels in winter
Elevate® provides affordable, highly digestible, natural vitamin E, which is essential for horses grazing on dormant pasture during the winter months.


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