Electrolytes—Who Needs Them? Your Horse, That’s Who.

Electrolytes perform critical functions within your horse’s body. They help regulate nerve and muscle functions by carrying electrical impulses between cells. In addition, they assist the body in maintaining a healthy fluid balance by controlling your horse’s desire to drink.

When your horse loses significant amounts of electrolytes and fluids, problems such as dehydration, muscle cramping, fatigue, tying-up, and colic may occur. Even in mild forms, these conditions can have a negative impact on your horse’s ability to perform and recover after exercise.

Horses that are ridden regularly or those that live in hot, humid climates may lose more electrolytes than their bodies are capable of replacing with a normal diet. In these instances, it is necessary to replenish lost electrolytes and keep your horse drinking.

Top riders and veterinarians turn to Summer Games Electrolyte to keep their horse healthy in the hot weather, and you can too. Summer Games replenishes the electrolytes and trace minerals lost when your horse sweats, and it stimulates the thirst response so your horse continues to drink and stay properly hydrated.

Summer Games was developed for the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta. Trust Summer Games Electrolyte to protect your horse when the going gets hot!

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