Endurance horses have unique electrolyte needs

Why does my endurance horse need electrolytes in the first place?

Electrolytes perform critical functions in the horse’s body. Most notably, they help regulate nerve and muscle functions by carrying electrical impulses between cells. In addition, electrolytes assist the body in maintaining proper fluid balance.

Under normal circumstances, well-nourished sedentary horses have little trouble keeping electrolytes at appropriate levels. This does not, however, hold true for the equine athlete. Horses cool themselves during exertion through sweating. Those that are exercised regularly, especially in hot and humid conditions, may lose more electrolytes through sweat than their diet is capable of replacing. In these instances, electrolyte supplementation is important.

Endurance horses are unique; they engage in low-intensity, long-duration exercise. When they sweat, the electrolyte reserves within the body are depleted differently than those of a horse subject to high-intensity, short-duration exercise. Research has shown that not only do endurance horses deplete sodium, chloride, and potassium, but also high levels of calcium and magnesium. Because electrolyte balance is necessary to maintain general health and support optimal performance, it is important to supply the horse with of all the electrolytes lost during sweating.

Why should I choose Endura-Max™ Electrolyte Powder or Paste

Endura-Max is an oral electrolyte whose unique formula meets the specific needs of the endurance horse.

It is formulated to provide key electrolytes—sodium, chloride, and potassium—as well as calcium and magnesium utilized by endurance horses.

Endura-Max is a concentrated electrolyte designed specifically for endurance horses.

  • Provides the extra calcium and magnesium often lost during long, slow exercise.
  • Provides the electrolytes and trace minerals in proper ratios.
  • Supports normal hydration by stimulating the thirst response.
  • Used by top endurance riders worldwide.
  • Endura-Max Plus Paste includes stomach buffers that help support a healthy stomach during periods of hard training and competition.

Is daily supplementation necessary for my endurance horse?

If your horse is in training and competing, daily supplementation will ensure critical electrolyte supplies are never depleted.

A normal maintenance intake for horses at rest in hot environments, those that sweat when being transported, or those that sweat during light work is 1 oz per day.

Horses at moderate work levels should receive 2-3 oz per day, and those in heavy training require 3-4 oz per day. It is recommended to divide daily doses of 3-4 oz into separate feedings.

How much Endura-Max should I give my endurance horse during a competition?

Because of the tremendous amount of sweat that can be lost during a race, an endurance horse should receive 2 oz the night before, 2 oz prior to starting, and 2 oz as needed at mandatory stops.

Important Note:

Always provide horses receiving electrolyte supplementation with free-choice, clean water. Lack of adequate water in a diet supplemented with electrolytes may lead to dehydration and other serious metabolic disorders.

How is Endura-Max uniquely formulated for endurance horses?

Research has shown that not only do endurance horses deplete sodium, chloride, and potassium, but also high levels of calcium and magnesium. Because electrolyte balance is critical for maintenance of health and performance, it is crucial to replace all the lost electrolytes. Endura-Max is formulated to restore the key electrolytes lost in sweat, such as sodium, chloride, and potassium. Unlike other electrolytes, Endura-Max also replaces much-needed calcium and magnesium.

Can Endura-Max be used for horses other than endurance horses?

No. Endura-Max is a unique formula designed for the special needs of endurance horses. The long duration of work performed by these horses, often in hot, humid environments, results in unique metabolic conditions that are not typically experienced by other performance horses. Endura-Max provides additional calcium and magnesium that are required by horses participating in low-intensity, long-duration work. For performance horses other than endurance horses, Kentucky Performance Products recommends the use of Summer Games® Electrolyte.

Endura-Max feeding instructions:

1 scoop = 1 ounce

Daily supplementation

Maintenance or transport in hot environments: 1 oz top-dressed on ration

Moderate work: 2-3 oz top-dressed on ration

Heavy training: 3-4 oz top-dressed on ration*

*We recommend dividing this daily amount into several separate feedings.

During competition

Night before competition: 2 oz

Prior to start: 2 oz

During the ride: 2 oz as needed during mandatory stops

Endura-Max can be mixed with water or another carrier such as applesauce and administered via an oral dosing syringe when immediate supplementation is desired.

Always provide your horse with fresh, clean water when supplementing with electrolytes.

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