Is Your Horse’s Diet Making Him Hot?

Is Your Horse’s Diet Making Him Hot?

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Fat is often referred to as a “cool” energy source. Feeds high in starch and sugar tend to produce hormone surges that some researchers feel may cause horses to become more excited or “hot” tempered. Fat burns at a slow, steady rate, reducing the hormone spikes.

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Reducing excitability in horses through diet changes

Reducing-excitability-in-horses-through-diet-changes-300x300Can what you feed be making your horse a little crazy? The short answer is yes, it might be. Diets high in simple carbohydrates, like the sugars and starches found in some concentrates (those high in grain and molasses), can cause a horse to have hormone fluctuations that lead to anxiousness and excitability. While providing some simple carbs in the diet is important, when large amounts at a time are fed, the sugar rush eventually results in a crash and this fluctuation can make your horse a little nuts. Read full article.

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