Neigh-Lox® Advanced: What’s Inside the Bucket?


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Research-proven ingredients

Neigh-Lox Advanced contains a proprietary blend of research-proven ingredients that work synergistically to maintain healthy equine GI tract tissues.

  1. Supports proper pH levels throughout the digestive tract.
  2. Sustains a favorable environment for benefi­cial bacteria.
  3. Supports the healing of damaged or irritated tissues.

Long-acting gastric buff­er and coating agents

  • Coat sensitive stomach tissues
  • Buffer excess gastric acid
  • Support the healing of low-grade ulcers

Saccharomyces boulardii (a true probiotic)

  • Maintains normal GI tract environment, which reduces or eliminates episodes of acute and chronic diarrhea.
  • Supports healing of stomach and colonic ulceration by supplying nutrients to the gastrointestinal tissues.
  • Supports complete digestion of starch and sugars in the foregut, therefore reducing the risk of hindgut upset and acidosis caused by simple carbohydrates escaping into the hindgut.

Proprietary yeast fermentation metabolites (broad spectrum prebiotics)

  • Sustains the growth and activity of benefi­cial bacteria throughout the GI tract
  • Supports reduced inflammation and healing of damaged tissues
  • Supports a robust immune system
  • Supplies antioxidants that maintain healthy cell membranes and accelerate recovery after exercise

Neigh-Lox Advanced

Recommended for horses of all ages that are:

  • Consuming high-grain diets and are therefore susceptible to grain overload and hindgut acidosis
  • Suffering from episodes of diarrhea
  • Convalescing after surgery or recovering from illness or injury

Neigh-Lox Advanced is recommended for horses at risk for developing colonic and/or gastric ulcers:

Due to a busy lifestyle where grazing is limited and stress levels are high

  • Performance or racehorses
  • Young horses in training
  • Horses constantly on the go

Due to disposition

  • High-strung/excitable
  • Timid and easily stressed
  • Overly aggressive
  • Quiet worrier
  • Herd-bound

Due to past history

  • Prone to sour attitude and indigestion
  • Treated for gastric or colonic ulcers in the past
  • Recent or ongoing treatment with NSAIDs and/or antibiotics

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