Quick tips to keep your horse’s water clean

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Tip 1: Daily maintenance.

  • Purchase a pool skimmer net to remove debris, insects, grass and algae from your horse’s water tank daily.
  • Clean automatic watering bowls of debris and make sure they’re filling properly.
  • Empty water buckets for stalled horses daily and give them a quick scrub.


Tip 2: Deep clean every few days.

  • If your tank is too large for your horses to empty daily, fi¬ll it with just enough water for a two- to three-day supply.
  • Every few days empty the tank and manually scrub it with a stiff brush, or use a pressure washer to clean it.
  • Use natural apple cider vinegar as a cleaner. Avoid using diluted bleach.
  • Discourage dogs from playing in the tank. They can deposit dirt and debris.


Tip 3: Provide extra buckets in stalls.

  • If your horse likes to dip hay or feed in their water buckets, provide one bucket for dipping and another one for drinking.


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