Equi-Jewel®: What’s Inside the Bag


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  • Equi-Jewel contains all-natural ingredients that provide the calories your horse needs to thrive.
  • Equi-Jewel’s high-fat formula reduces the risk of digestive upset, supports optimal muscle function, and sustains a calm, cool attitude.

Heat-stabilized rice bran

  • Rice bran that is stabilized is safer to feed to horses than raw bran because it won’t turn rancid.
  • Equi-Jewel undergoes a unique heat stabilization process that ensures freshness and protects the nutritional value of the bran.
  • No chemicals are used during the stabilization of Equi-Jewel.


  • Feeding fat is a safe, effective way to meet the increased energy demands of any horse. Pound for pound, fat provides 2.25 times more energy than carbohydrates or proteins.
  • Adding fat to the diet increases the energy content without increasing meal size. This lowers the risk of digestive upset.
  • Horses fed fat accumulate less lactic acid in their muscles and maintain lower heart rates during work. Lactic acid accumulation leads to muscle fatigue and soreness. Horses utilizing fat as an energy source show increased stamina and tend to recover faster after work.
  • Horses utilizing fat for energy tend to be less excitable, so fats are known as “cool” energy sources.
  • Research has shown that horses su­ffering from problems such as RER (tying up) or PSSM (glycogen storage diseases) do not tolerate the soluble carbohydrates found in grains. Fat is an excellent source of energy for these horses.

Balanced calcium-to-phosphorus ratio

  • Rice bran is naturally high in phosphorus. Too much phosphorus in the diet can cause skeletal problems.
  • Ground limestone is added to Equi-Jewel to bring the calcium-to-phosphorus ratio into balance.
  • Equi-Jewel can be added to any diet and it will not cause mineral imbalances.

Essential fatty acids

  • Fatty acids contribute to hoof health by creating a barrier that repels excessive moisture and protects keratin bonds.
  • Essential fatty acids support elastic skin and slick, glossy coats.

Equi-Jewel® is recommended for:

  • Performance and show horses
  • Racehorses
  • Hard keepers
  • Seniors
  • Growing horses
  • Broodmares
  • Stallions
  • Sales horses
  • Horses on restricted diets
  • Horses on low-starch diets

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