What Is Arthritis and Why Are Older Horses More Susceptible?

Arthritis is a degeneration of the articular surfaces of the joint caused by inflammation. Over time, normal wear and tear leads to an erosion of joint structures and a reduction in the synovial fluid that cushions the joint. Loss of elasticity in older tendons and ligaments causes greater joint trauma and a thinning of the joint cartilage.

Such changes reduce your horse’s natural shock absorbing abilities and result in increased joint inflammation, setting the stage for arthritis to take hold.

Diet plays a significant role in joint health. Supplementing with a complete joint supplement, such as Joint Armor from Kentucky Performance Products, provides your horse’s joints with the nutrients she needs to support healthy synovial fluid and resilient cartilage. Joint Armor helps maintain fluid motion and reduces inflammation.

Additionally, omega-3 fatty acids added to the diet also impact inflammation levels. Omega-3s are anti-inflammatory in nature. Research has shown that when horses are fed omega-3 fatty acids their length of stride increased, which indicates improved soundness. Contribute omega-3 supplement, made by Kentucky Performance Products, contains a full complement of critical omega-3 fatty acids.

Don’t let arthritis keep your senior horse down. Supplement his diet with Joint Armor and Contribute to maintain healthy joints and support reduced inflammation.


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