Why choose Endura-Max Plus Electrolyte Paste?

Easy to carry and easy to administer, each single-serving syringe of Endura-Max Plus paste provides the electrolytes necessary to support optimal long-distance performance and the buffering capacity to maintain a healthy gastric environment. This dual-action electrolyte paste keeps your horse going down the trail.

Endurance horses’ electrolyte needs are unique during competition and training

When on the trail—be it on a training run or during a competition—endurance horses face multiple challenges that stress their systems. Keeping endurance horses well-hydrated, well-fed and comfortable increases their chances of crossing the finish line. Horses on the go can accumulate excess gastric acid in their stomachs that can negatively affect performance. Under stressful conditions plain electrolytes can further irritate the stomach. Providing a buffered electrolyte will help maintain a healthy level of acid in the stomach, reducing the risk of discomfort that can sideline a horse. On the trail, endurance horses deplete electrolytes differently than the average horse. Electrolyte research has shown that not only do endurance horses lose sodium, chloride, and potassium, but also high levels of calcium and magnesium. Because electrolyte balance is critical for maintenance of health and performance, replacement of all the lost electrolytes is crucial. Endura-Max Plus Paste’s unique formula restores the key electrolytes lost in sweat, such as sodium, chloride, and potassium, as well as much-needed calcium and magnesium. Endurance horses that maintain optimal electrolyte levels and proper stomach pH remain on the trail longer and recover faster. They are less likely to become dehydrated or develop neuromuscular challenges or colic.

Endura-Max Plus

When health issues arise, always seek the advice of a licensed veterinarian who can help you choose the correct course of action for your horse. Supplements are intended to maintain healthy systems and support recovery and healing. They are not intended to treat or cure illness or injury.


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