“The vets were VERY impressed at the finish line.”

“I want to say thank you for all you have taught me and for the opportunity to feed and represent KPP supplements. I finished again this year but on the true Tevis Cup course in eighteenth place on my 12-year-old paint mare. There were 204 starters and if I hadn’t been caught behind slow horses after Foresthill I may have finished in the top ten. Her heart rate was 40 at Robinson Flat and her hydration scores continued to improve throughout the day, and at Foresthill we had all A’s with a CRI of 48, 44. She ate and drank all day and the vets were VERY impressed at the finish line. She didn’t look like she had really done much and dragged  us all over looking for anything to eat. She even stopped to eat weeds in between trots going to the last vet check and finish line. The Neigh-Lox Advanced is amazing but I didn’t feed it on race day but used the ADR in all my mashes and 6 Endura-Max Plus. I preloaded the Advanced for a week and then fed it for a few days after. I use almost if not all of the line and it has made a huge difference in my horses, especially in regards to eating and drinking in competition. Thanks again!!!!!”

– Pam Bailie

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