A robust immune system allows your horse to fight off illness and recover faster from stress.

Nutrition has an impact on how well your horse’s immune system functions

Just like you, your horse’s immune system is affected by many things: nutrition, stress levels, exercise, and illness. Proper nutrition plays a critical role in sustaining a strong immune response in adult horses. Horses with a healthy immune system perform better, recover faster from stress, and stay healthier. A compromised immune system leaves your horse vulnerable to infection and illness.

Start your foal off right

In the first year of life, a foal’s immune system is greatly affected by his dam. Passive transfer of immunity occurs from mare to foal through both placental blood and, once the foal is born, the colostrum or first milk. Mares with strong immune systems have foals with strong immune systems, and foals with a strong immune system get a great start in life!

Ingredients like anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids and the powerful antioxidant vitamin E are two nutrients that can impact the immune system in a beneficial way.

Horses/ponies that may benefit from immune support:

  • Broodmares and foals
  • Growing horses
  • Injured or sick horses
  • Horses under busy competition and training schedules
  • Horses that are relocating to a new area or those that travel frequently
  • Horses will allergies
  • Senior horses