Electrolytes offer year-round protection from dehydration and mineral imbalances.

When horses sweat…

Horses that sweat, no matter what the outside temperature, need to replace the electrolytes and fluids lost in that sweat. It isn’t always apparent that your horse is sweating. In cool winter conditions or in very dry environments, your horse’s sweat may evaporate quickly. This may lead you to think he isn’t sweating much at all, while in reality he could have lost significant fluids and electrolytes. Electrolyte supplementation helps maintain critical mineral balance and hydration, protecting against diminished performance, slow recovery rate after exercise, muscular ailments, and digestive upset. Supplementing electrolytes can be a year-round requirement for many horses.

Electrolytes ward off dehydration

Dehydration has serious consequences, ranging from mild muscle cramping to colic. Horses in normal conditions need to drink 10 to 12 gallons of water per day to remain properly hydrated. Horses being exercised, or those living in hot, humid conditions, need even more water—up to four times more. Supplementing with a well-balanced electrolyte encourages horses to drink so that fluid levels remain in a healthy range.

Electrolyte and fluid replacement is suggested for:

  • Competition horses of all disciplines, horses in training and racehorses, year-round
  • Horses being transported, especially long distances
  • Horses living in hot, humid conditions
  • Recreational horses when exercising hard enough to sweat
  • Senior horses when heavy hair coats or other stress causes sweating