Dehydration in Horses



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Horses generate a tremendous amount of heat in their bodies when they exercise or when they are stressed.

Sweat is made up of fluid and electrolytes:  phosphorus, salt, calcium, iron, copper, magnesium, manganese, zinc, potassium.

When horses sweat they lose both water and minerals.

Shipping and other stressful situations cause reduced water intake and sweating.

Dehydration leads to changes within the horse’s body that signal his system to begin shutting down.

Making matters worse, dehydration actually decreases the thirst response, so horses stop drinking.

Maintaining proper hydration is extremely important not only to optimal performance but to the overall well-being of your horse.

Summer Games® Electrolyte replenishes lost minerals and triggers the thirst response.

Summer Games is concentrated so you can easily adjust the level you feed to meet your horse’s ever-changing needs.


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