3 Tips to help your hard keeper

3 Tips to help your hard keeper

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Are ulcers to blame?

Oftentimes horse owners see their horse’s inability to gain and/or maintain weight as a simple matter of an animal with high energy requirements. This can be the correct assessment but often there are underlying causes at work that can be altered.

For example, gastric ulcers can be an underlying cause of inadequate weight gain in horses. Over 90% of racehorses and 70% of show horses can suffer from gastric ulcers.

Prevention of gastric ulcers very often moves a horse from the hard keeper category to the “healthy keeper” category.

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3 tips to help your hard keeper

Individual differences make some horses easy keepers and some hard keepers. Horses that have demanding training or competition schedules, broodmares raising foals, and growing horses can expend a huge number of calories doing their jobs. They need energy and lots of it, but they need the kind of energy that won’t cause digestive upset or improper growth patterns. Click here to learn more.

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