Off-The-Track Thoroughbred (OTTB) Nutrition

Off-The-Track Thoroughbred (OTTB) Nutrition

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OTTB scratchingSummer seasonal recurrent dermatitis (SSRD), commonly called sweet itch or summer itch, is caused by an allergic reaction to the saliva of a biting gnat. Many people refer to them as “no-see-ums.” These bothersome gnats are active from April through October. Horses will constantly rub affected areas as a response to the intense itching.

Supplementation with omega-3 fatty acids has been proven to reduce skin inflammation and mitigate allergic responses. Fish oils contain the highest level of beneficial omega-3 fatty acids.


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Solutions for the OTTBOTTB book

Transitioning an off-the-track Thoroughbred (OTTB) to a new career can result in a host of nutritional challenges. Trying to determine which supplements will best suit your OTTB may be confusing. Let’s break down the process and look at some of the challenges. Read more.


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Targeted solutions for the off-the-track Thoroughbred (OTTB)

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An affordable and tasty way to add essential omega-3 fatty acids to your horse's diet.

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