Spring Cleaning Checklist for Your Barn and Horse Farm

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Spring is here. It’s time to get started on your spring cleaning plan.

On cleaning day, be sure to:

  1. Turn out horses so they are not exposed to dust stirred up by cleaning.
  2. Open all windows and doors for ventilation.


  • Scrub buckets, feed bins and water tanks that were diffi­cult to clean during cold weather.
  • Remove dust and cobwebs from all surfaces, including rafters.
  • Inspect your barn; complete any repairs or maintenance.
  • Don’t forget to check wiring for rodent damage.
  • Clean gutters and downspouts.
  • Clean hayloft.


  • Strip stalls, scrub walls, remove and disinfect mats.
  • Repaint or re-stain walls.
  • Repair or level floor underneath mats.
  • Before re-bedding, make sure everything has air dried.

Feed/Tack Rooms

  • Clean and replace any old or damaged feed bins.
  • Check the quality and dates on all supplements, feeds, and medications. Discard all outdated drugs or supplements.
  • Inspect smoke detectors; replace batteries and any non-functioning units.
  • Inspect fire extinguisher; replace as needed.
  • Review your plan for spring weather emergencies.
  • Restock first-aid kit.
  • Disinfect and clean brushes.
  • Send blankets for cleaning and repair, then store in a dry rodent-proof location.

Pasture Inspections

  • Check automatic waterers.
  • Clean out and inspect run-in sheds.
  • Walk the fence line and make repairs.
  • Walk the field and fill any holes.
  • Inspect pasture quality.
  • If needed, send samples off for testing to develop a fertilizing plan.
  • Chain harrow to spread manure, dead grass, and even out rough areas.
  • Add gravel as needed to high tra­ffic areas like walking paths and gates.
  • Work on problem drainage areas you noticed over the winter.

Riding Areas

  • Harrow and drag arenas.
  • Inspect your footing and perform maintenance.
  • If you have trails you frequently use, you may need to pick up fallen trees and limbs.

Horse Trailer

  • Look for rust.
  • Inspect tires.
  • Check lights and brakes.
  • Look under the mats for any floor damage.
  • Inspect roof and windows for leaks.
  • Lubricate hinges.
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