Horse Supplement Feeding Tips

18-213 Horse-Supplement-Feeding-Tips

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  1. Thoroughly mix your supplement into the concentrate you are feeding.
  2. Or use the “shake and bake” approach. Put your concentrate and supplements into a bag and shake until well mixed, then dump them into the feed bucket. Add a little water or oil if the supplement is a powder that settles to the bottom.
  3. Often supplements are left sitting on top of the concentrate. When the meal is dumped in the feed tub, the supplements end up at the bottom of the tub. Adding supplements in this manner makes sorting easier for picky eaters.
  4. Read feeding directions carefully and feed according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  5. Use the scoop that is included in the supplement. Most scoops are calibrated based on weight, not volume.
  6. Check your supplement if it has been hot and humid. Heat and humidity can cause a supplement to degrade faster. Some products attract water, like electrolytes and antacids. Check carefully for mold, color changes or any unusual clumping.
  7. Store your supplement according to manufacturer’s recommendations. Reseal bag or bucket tightly. Leave desiccant in the container. Store in a cool, dry place.

Following the tips and good management practices outlined above will help ensure that your horse eats his supplement and that the supplements you feed remain fresh and provide the benefi­ts you expect.

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