Five Tips on Managing Those Blankets

  1. Be sure your horse is clean and dry before putting on a blanket. If there is “skin yuck,” try to clear it up first or talk to your veterinarian about treatments, as blanketing can aggravate skin conditions. Don’t share blankets among horses.
  2. Use the right blanket at the right time. When it’s 40 or 50 degrees outside, use a lightweight blanket. If it’s 20° or below, use a heavyweight blanket or a combination of blankets. Be sure to use only waterproof blankets when horses are outside. Change blankets as the temperature changes so your horse doesn’t sweat under his blankets.
  3. Use a blanket that fits properly. You don’t want rub marks or sores developing anywhere on your horse. Check blankets a couple of times a day to be sure they are on straight and that the straps and surcingles are adjusted properly.
  4. Repair damaged blankets as soon as possible. Clean your blankets annually!
  5. Remove your horse’s blanket and groom him or her regularly.


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