Know What Your Horse’s Feed Weighs

For those of you interested in the finer points of horse nutrition, you’ve no doubt come across this truism: Feed by weight, not volume. This makes sense because many feeding directions are given in a measurement of weight, not volume.

In a perfect world, where time stands still, we would all carefully measure our horse’s daily feed ration. In the real world, however, where many of us are struggling just to get an hour or two alone with our horse, daily measuring is a hassle. There are times, though, when it is wise to weigh feed.

For example, you should know how many pounds of feed your particular feed scoop holds. If you feed several different types of feed, you should know this information for each type. Some horse people weigh out the appropriate amount of feed in a scoop and then mark the scoop so the right amount is fed each day. It is advisable to re-weigh your feed when switching from one brand or kind of feed to another. A scoop of one brand may be lighter or heavier than another, depending upon the ingredients.

Most supplements contain a scoop that delivers the correct amount of product. This is particularly true when small amounts are required. However, there are times when a pound of supplement might be necessary and there is no scoop in the bag. How are you to know three-quarters of a pound from a pound and a quarter?

The next time you’re dashing though your favorite superstore, look around for an inexpensive kitchen scale. Be sure to choose a model that will measure up to at least five pounds. On sale, you can usually bag one for less than $15. Tuck it away neatly in the corner of your feed room, and it will always be available when you need it!

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