No scoop, now what?

You just received your first bucket of a new supplement and you can’t wait to start feeding it. You open the container and . . . NO SCOOP! Your supplement refill arrives on the UPS truck but when you open the bucket . . . NO SCOOP!! A friend fed your horse and didn’t put the scoop back in the bucket, and now you aren’t sure which scoop goes with which supplement. What can you do?

Before you pick up your cellphone to call us, take a few minutes to investigate further. If you are missing a scoop, it might just be hiding. It isn’t unusual for scoops to migrate down toward the bottom of the bucket during shipping. You may have to dig a little to find it.

Not sure which scoop goes with which supplement? It is important to use the right scoop or you may feed too little or too much. One makes your supplement ineffective, the other wastes your hard-earned money!

At this point, if you have probed around in the bucket for  a while and maybe you’ve even dumped it out into another container and still NO SCOOP, or if you are sitting there staring at 3 or 4 different scoops trying to remember which one you need, but not having much luck . . .

Now it is time to pick up your phone and call Kentucky Performance Products at 859-873-2974. (For scoop emergencies outside of business hours, message us on FB.) If your KPP supplement came without a scoop, we will send you a new scoop. In the meantime, we can calculate the dose in tablespoons (Tbsp) so you can feed the proper amount until your scoop arrives. If multiple scoop confusion is the problem, we can tell you the scoop size and description so you can identify the correct one. To determine the size of the scoop, look for the cc (cubic centimeter) size printed on the bottom.

Regardless of the scoop dilemma you face, we are here to help you work it out!

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