Weight-gain Tips for Horses That Won’t Cause Digestive Upset



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Horses that have demanding training or competition schedules, broodmares raising foals, and growing horses can expend a huge number of calories doing their jobs.

These horses need energy and lots of it, but they need the kind of energy that won’t cause digestive upset or improper growth patterns.

Hard keepers that are otherwise healthy but have high energy requirements simply need more calories.

The source of calories is important

If your horse is simply thin but otherwise healthy, you want to be careful not to create a problem by feeding more grains.

Tip 1: Provide free-choice high-quality forage 24/7, when possible.

The quality of the forage matters. Look for clean, leafy green hay. Mature hay that contains more stem than leaf is not a good source of energy.

Tip 2: Add high-quality fat to the diet.

Fat is a safe, calorie-dense source of energy. Avoid feeding large amounts of concentrates high in starch and sugar, as they increase the risk of colic and laminitis.

Tip 3: Ensure digestive tract health.

When lack of appetite is a problem it can often be linked back to indigestion or discomfort.

If the digestive tract is out of balance, feedstuffs are not being efficiently digested and absorbed.


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