When Just a Handful Isn’t Enough

Many owners are unaware that a handful of concentrate a day does not come close to providing all the nutrients their horse needs. Feed manufacturers formulate concentrates to be fed at certain levels (typically at least 4 to 5 lbs per day). When recommended feeding directions are followed, minimum nutrient requirements are met, but when the amount fed is less than the minimum level, the diet can be lacking in essential vitamins and minerals. Processed fiber such as hay, hay cubes, and alfalfa pellets lose up to 75% of their vitamin content within weeks of being harvested and stored. While processed fiber provides energy and much-needed bulk, it falls short in the area of vitamins and minerals. If your horse is a” handful a day” type of guy, be sure to include a balanced vitamin and mineral supplement in his diet to ensure he is receiving all the nutrients he needs to remain healthy.


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