“I can’t thank your company enough for making such a wonderful product.”

I am so thankful I saw your ad on the back of one of my horse magazines. It was sheer luck that I turned the magazine over when I laid it down. I read the ad and thought “Sure, another remedy for colic. Wonder how good it works.” So I did research on the computer and liked what I read. So the research convinced me enough to try. I had my doubts, though. Melody has colicked for me about 10 times in the last 9 years. There is no rhyme or reason—just happens out of the blue. The last time in January was the worse. She did not eat for 5 days and I had to have her tubed twice. The vet was even puzzled. So when she finally went, I started giving her the Neigh-Lox Advanced. After a few days—WOW. I could not believe what I saw. Piles of poop—big piles. I never saw her go like that. From the first day I got her, it was only little balls. She appeared to be straining also. There is a huge difference from before Neigh-Lox Advanced to after being on Neigh-Lox Advanced for one month. I can’t thank your company enough for making such a wonderful product. I honestly did not think she would pull through this time. So thanks again, for the great product.

I included a picture of my “high maintenance” mini, Melody. She is the boss of the barn, or so she thinks.

–Lucia Zobnowski, Myerstown, Pennsylvania

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