On the Road Again

Hey everyone, I thought I would do a quick blog update for Hoosier and me. The last several weeks have been kind of a whirlwind and super busy. Three weeks ago Hoosier and I went up to Missy’s for a little boot camp and ran the August Fair Hill to see where I was, since I hadn’t run an intermediate since March at Southern Pines, and had only done an IP in between. With the help of Missy and her mother, Jessica, the show went pretty well.

My dressage was in the low 30s and we put in a consistent test but it lacked some energy, and would have liked to had some more push from behind. Stadium didn’t go how I had hoped or how I’d been practicing.  We pulled three rails all related to the triple. I was actually happy with how he was jumping and I was riding.  You just couldn’t tell that by the results. In his defense, the ground was like concrete, and my sensitive redhead hates hard footing so I think it made him a little slower off the ground.

Cross-country was straight after stadium, and he was perfect. I wish I had ridden some of the fences better for him, but my man was on top of it. I couldn’t have been happier with how he felt on course and his breathing in particular sounded and felt great.

So here we are, three weeks later, as I sit here writing this blog from Missy’s preparing for Plantation CIC**. I have to admit I’m a bit nervous, but I’m super excited. My goals are to have an energetic dressage test that is nice and flowing.  I want to ride him really well in stadium to give us the best chance possible for a good ride like I know we can do. And for cross-country, of course I want a safe ride, but I really want to push myself to ride every single jump well.

Hoosier is feeling great right now so fingers crossed and prayers that the next week and a half gets us in line for a great show. I’ll try to keep everyone at KPP updated with how the show is going through Aunt Becky at home.

Until next time, safe rides!



To make sure Hoosier feels his best doing the busy show season of traveling I keep him on Neigh-Lox Advanced.  Supplements that buffer excess acid reduce the risk of ulcers and colic that are caused by travel-related stress. Overall GI tract health impacts the immune system, so a healthy gut equals a healthy Hoosier. When I am traveling, it is more important than ever for my horses to remain in top condition.


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