“Kentucky Performance Products has a full line of targeted supplements, which allows us to choose the product that best fits the needs of each horse.”

American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA) Specialized Halter Judge, Professional Horsewoman and World Champion Kathy Smallwood makes her home in the heart of “Horse Country USA” near Pilot Point, Texas. She has judged the American Quarter Horse Youth Association (AQHYA) World Show and the AQHA Select World Show, and is also a World Conformation Horse Association (WCHA) Judge. She currently serves as an AQHA Foundation Ambassador and is a member of the AQHA Shows and Professional Horseman’s Committee.

Kathy’s specialization in halter horses encompasses all aspects of training, showing, breeding, raising and selling world-class halter horses here and abroad. In addition to training and leading her customers’ horses, she and her AQHA-amateur husband, Lonn, also enjoy the rewards of owning and breeding a select band of exceptional World Champion and World Champion-producing mares.

Kathy’s accomplishments in the show ring to date include winning numerous World and Reserve World Championships in the American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA), the American Paint Horse Association (APHA), the American Buckskin Registry Association, Inc. (ABRA), and the Palomino Horse Breeders of America (PHBA). Kathy enjoys giving back to all the people who have helped her along the way, and she is often quoted and written about. She has been featured as a “Top Trainer” in industry magazines like the American Quarter Horse Journal, Horse & Rider, Lope & Lead, the Quarter Horse News, and The Chronicle, among others.

Kathy depends on Neigh-Lox® Advanced, Trouble Free, and BoneWise™ to keep her horses in top shape.

“At Kathy Smallwood Quarter Horses, we specialize in developing world champion halter horses. Our feeding and conditioning program is customized to bring out the best in each individual horse. Kentucky Performance Products has a full line of targeted supplements, which allows us to choose the product that best fits the needs of each horse.

“We can’t afford to have a horse feeling bad or going off feed, so we use Neigh-Lox Advanced. It keeps our horses healthy both on the road and at home. Neigh-Lox Advanced reduces the incidence of stomach ulcers and other digestive imbalances so all our horses remain in great condition even during the busy show season.

“When excitability becomes a challenge for green or sensitive horses we turn to Trouble Free calming paste. It is a natural, drug-free way to help a horse remain calm and focused on the job at hand. A relaxed horse trains and shows better. They also hold their condition better.

“Horses that are on a demanding training and showing schedule don’t get much turnout time. Our veterinarian has recommended we incorporate BoneWise into the diets of these top horses. For older horses, BoneWise supports strong, resilient bone structure, and in our babies it ensures optimal bone development. Correct conformation and quality of bone are very important in top halter horses; we love the results we have seen with BoneWise.”

—Kathy Smallwood

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