How Can I Tell If My Horse Is Getting Enough Vitamin E From Grazing in His Pasture?

A good general rule to apply is this: The “average” horse needs to graze for approximately 17 hours per day on good green pasture to meet the maintenance requirement for natural vitamin E.

However, there are always exceptions to the rule.

  • For the easy keeper, even a short time spent grazing provides too many calories!
  • Metabolically sensitive horses are unable to graze for extended periods of time because grass contains too much sugar.

Under these circumstances grazing is not a healthy way to fulfill vitamin E requirements and additional supplementation is required.

  • Age, work load, and reproductive status may increase horses’ requirements so that even full-time grazing can’t meet their vitamin E needs.
  • Winter pasture does not provide green grass that contains vitamin E.

When grazing can’t meet a horse’s vitamin E requirements, it is also necessary to supplement with a natural vitamin E.

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