Hoosier Update

Hey everyone! I hope you all are having a great time this holiday season. A little bit has happened since my last blog.

Hoosier finally had his tieback surgery and let me tell you, it has been a stressful 4 weeks. If you don’t know how much you value and love your horse, take care of him after surgery and you will be quickly enlightened. Every time he coughed, every time he would drink and water would come out his nose, and every time he nickered (his voice is different now…sounds like he’s gone through puberty) I would have a slight panic attack. Yes, I know this is not a huge major surgery and that it happens to many of horses every day, but let’s face it: those horses aren’t my Hoosier Daddy!

On that note, as we all know, nothing can go smoothly with Hoosier. The first few days went pretty good, but before the first week home was over I had to call the vet. He was aspirating some, and they feared that he was getting another case of pneumonia already, so back on strong antibiotics he went for two more weeks. Once we felt that we were free and clear of that, his neck started to swell slightly in the third week. Two days later the swelling was huge, and this time the vet came out and popped the biggest abscess I have ever seen. When they tried to ultrasound it to see if the sutures were involved and infected, the mass was too large to read through. When they scoped him to see if the tieback was holding, the swelling had pushed everything over so there was no way of telling if the tieback has even held.

So everything is up in the air for the next two weeks until we get him scoped again. As of now I sit and wait and pray that everything works out…especially for him. He’s been through enough. I am very thankful for everyone’s support with Hoosier’s problems. My family, my friends, my trainer, and KPP have been exceptional through this time.

Until next time, Safe rides!


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