The Hoosier Daddy Roller Coaster

Hey guys. I’ve been getting a lot of questions about Hoosier’s status, so I just wanted to give you a quick update. I’ve gotten new test results back suggesting that he actually does have equine protozoal myeloencephalitis (EPM). Initially, a year ago, we thought EPM might be the case, but he got better after his new shoes and we discovered his lung infection.

It was a bit surreal when the vet started asking me questions about things in Hoosier’s past. When we first got Hoosier he had an unexplained bump between his eyes. If never caused him any problems and went away. A couple of years later he got one on the side of his face, but again that one caused no problems and went away. When the vet asked if he had ever had any unexplained bumps on his head I couldn’t believe it. We’d never thought about them again after they went away.

The vet believes the EPM caused his paralyzed flap since it happened later in his life. The paralyzed flap also explains why he gets bacteria like strep and E. coli in his lungs. When he swallows, the flap cannot close. This allows junk into his lungs causing lung infections and pneumonia. Blood tests also showed that his red blood cells were large, which suggest he bled at some point in the past. This can also cause pneumonia. I know this all sounds somewhat bizarre, but at least things finally seem to be coming together and making sense.

We will begin treating him for EPM. I’ve had him on 10,000 IU of Elevate W.S. daily since the first talk with the vet, where after reviewing the records I sent him, he suspected EPM. I have noticed a difference after starting the Elevate. He perked up and seems to be feeling better. I’ve started slowly riding him again and last week jumped him for the first time since April. I’m not sure who was more excited, him or me! He’s feeling playful and causing more trouble than Zeke. He had some chiropractic work done last week and is getting fitter every day. Once we treat the EPM the next step will be taking care of the paralyzed flap.

After a year, lots of vet bills, and lots of worry, things finally seem to be coming together and making sense. Things are looking up. The future is looking brighter.

Until next time, safe rides!


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