Endurextra Ends 5 Years of Consistent Struggle

“I’ve had poor horses before. I knew what to do. Annie was put on vitamins, wormed, and received 4 meals of a good pelleted feed a day. It took forever to see any improvement in her weight; and with the weight improvement came the nervousness. All I had to do was get in her space, and she’d shiver so bad, I thought she would fall to her knees; and don’t dare raise your voice or a hand. Try to win her over via offering her treats by hand; she’ll refuse the best of the best and act like you’re trying to poison her. Whatever it is, she had it bad.

Since 2009, for 5 years, I have battled with Annie’s weight: up, down, up, down. She’ll gain a little weight, bring a new horse in, she loses weight. She’ll get over it and gain a little weight, gnats come out, she loses weight. Change-up, and begin keeping her in during the day and out at night, she loses weight.

My veterinarian drew blood, sent it out; all levels were normal, no diseases found; nothing underlying.

I stumbled upon the product EndurExtra in an attempt to find something to help Annie gain weight and keep it on. The label was a description of Annie. Pricy, but worth a try; besides EndurExtra guaranteed results in one bag, (50 day supply), so I had nothing to lose. By the second week, Annie was eating better. By the third week, I think I noticed a little weight difference. By the fifth week, there was definitely a noticeable difference in her presentation, and her weight has continued to improve. In one bag, there was a substantial weight gain and coat appearance.

My veterinarian saw Annie at the end of 1 bag. He could not believe it was the same horse, and insisted on knowing how I did it. I brought the bag out, and he reviewed it; then, he reviewed it again. He asked me to email the information to his office, which I did.

I shopped EndurExtra because as I said, it is pricy, and ended up purchasing 2 bags to get a great deal (not that I thought I needed it).

My veterinarian saw Annie a week into the second bag, with even more improvement. He said when he can witness 5 years of consistent struggle come to an end before his eyes, even he has to be a believer in the product. He had already put 3 of his clients onto EndurExtra before he came out and saw Annie this time around. He also asked that I contact Kentucky Performance Products and let them know that he would like to become an area distributor for easier access of the product in our area.

I suppose the true test will come when Annie hits her prime weight and I wean her down and then off EndurExtra. But, at this time, I highly recommend EndurExtra to anyone with a weight problem horse.”

– Gayle E.M. O’Neal

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