“Neigh-Lox Advanced has changed our horses. They all keep their weight better and feel better.”

“KPP Complete makes it easy feeding while traveling to shows. We only have two buckets of supplements with us at shows. Neigh-Lox Advanced has changed our horses. They all keep their weight better and feel better. With all the travel we do for shows our horses don’t get stressed or diarrhea from change of hay from show to show. Our horses eat the Neigh-Lox Advanced really well because of its pelleted form. Neigh-Lox Advanced also helped a horse, who had been on trial, put weight back on and improved his overall look when he returned to us.”

– David Connors

KPP Complete is a custom-formulated, broad spectrum supplement that addresses the challenges facing top-level performance horses. It provides nutrients that support optimal coat, digestive, hoof, immune, joint and muscle health. For more information about KPP Complete, contact

Neigh-Lox Advanced is a blend of ingredients that work synergistically to support both a healthy foregut and hindgut so horses utilize feed more efficiently, feel better, and eat better.

Summer Games Electrolyte is a balanced, concentrated source of electrolytes and trace minerals, the perfect all-purpose electrolyte for horses of all ages, regardless of lifestyle.


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