Zeke’s Debut

Hey everyone! I have to jump right in and say Zeke went above and beyond all of my expectations this past weekend. Not only did he stay in the arena, he performed a pretty nice dressage test. He did have to read all the letters for himself at the beginning. In stadium he went around in a nice, controlled manner like he had been doing novice all season long. He never offered to buck, bolt, prance, or even stop.

The first few fences I felt him get slightly wiggly, but it was just him wanting to understand the question. Then our cross-country was the best cross-country ride I have had on a baby. He stayed in a nice rhythm the entire time; never looked at the fences and jumped the ditch in the half coffin like a canter stride. So needless to say I came out of this show in love with my new boy.

If anyone had seen him in April when I first rode him they would have never known it was the same horse. For the first few months it was huge bucks, Lipizzaner leaps, and throwing his head higher than any young horse I’ve been on.zekes-debut (1)

It’s amazing what some TLC, a few bags of EndurExtra, some squirts of Contribute, and time can do for a horse. Don’t get me wrong—he still has his moments (spinning and bucking the day before the show because he felt he’d done enough dressage), but they are becoming fewer and farther between and I can’t wait to see what our future holds together.

Quick update on Hoosier: After almost a week in the hospital he is home. He is much better, but still receiving drugs 4 times a day through a catheter. The vet can’t explain how he showed no signs, but he was a very sick boy. The vets now thinks that once this lung infection is gone we should get him fit again and see how he feels. The vet feels we can hold off on the tie-back surgery. He will go back Friday so they can take another look at his lungs to see if any infection is left.

Until next time, safe rides!


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  • Angie

    and he is handsom in baby blue 😉

  • Angie

    WAY TO RIDE!!!! Girl YOU turned this boy on! there is no going back he will be a SUPERSTAR! he is jumping 2 feet over that xc jump! keep up the amazing work! I am so happy for you!!! hugs from rhythm and angie in freezing cold milwaukee!

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  • RRM

    If you would have told me four months ago that the horse I saw leaping off of all fours, standing still at Masterson Station would look like the up and coming potential super star that I was able to see this past weekend I would have said you were NUTS!!! But seeing is believing… You were both AWESOME & I can’t wait too see what’s to come… R.M

  • Traci Hughes

    I am so excited he is going great. I named him after my father and he is pretty special. I would like to keep up on him so is this the best way.

    Thank you so much for taking and turning my boy into a respectable horse!!

    • Hi Traci,

      Megan is on Facebook and has a bunch of pictures of Zeke up. You can keep up with him here and on her Facebook page.


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