In Your Horse’s Grooming Box: The Currycomb

Don’t rub till they’re nubs!

Currycombs are a staple in grooming boxes everywhere. They are great at removing caked-on mud, sweaty saddle marks, and long winter coats. Most horses just love a vigorous curry that massages the muscles and scratches those hard-to-get-to itchy spots.

It is important to make sure that your currycomb is up to the job. You may not believe it, but currycombs wear out! The teeth that grab and pull away loose hair and dirt can become dulled with vigorous use, so it is a good idea to have a stash of sharp-toothed, flexible currycombs on hand at all times.

The best part? Currycombs are inexpensive. You can usually find them priced for a few dollars. Some people are tempted to use metal currycombs or shedding blades. If at all possible, stay away from these tools as they may actually cut the hair with their sharp points and edges rather than separating loose hair from the remaining coat. Also avoid the curries constructed of hard plastic because they are less flexible and can also damage the hair coat with sharp edges.

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