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Hi everyone. I am really excited to be given this new opportunity to write a blog for KPP. I betwho-is-team-have-at-it (3) you are wondering who I am? I have been around horses since I was born, starting out riding western and then, at 12 I found my passion, eventing.

My first event horse was my stepfather’s old quarter horse that let us blow his mind by teaching him how to jump over barrels versus go around them. My next horse was Buddy, who took me to my first training level event with tons of confidence.

Then came the LOVE OF MY LIFE, Rhythm, my first off-the-track thoroughbred. Rhythm took me through the levels to my first training three-day and preliminary. This was after breaking his hock in three places and we were told he probably would not live and it would be a miracle if he could at least be a pasture ornament.

Ten months later he was back out on the cross-country course and a year and a half after that he was taking me to my first prelim event. Rhythm and I had a unique relationship, which I hope to share more about later.

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Next came my most talented horse, Hoosier Daddy. I can say I have been truly blessed to be given this horse; he has a heart of gold. Hoosier has successfully taken me through intermediate and I am excited to see where our future leads us from here. Trust me, there is a lot more to come on Hoosier Daddy.

If there is anything I have learned about this sport, it is that it is important to have a support team. We have named my support team “Team Have At It.” My parents have been huge supporters from the beginning, from helping me financially to telling me they’re proud of me. Next are my two sisters Sarah and Becky (AKA Aunt Becky). Aunt Becky has hardly missed a horse show and this includes taking off work to travel with me. She is a phenomenal photographer and takes all of my pictures at horse shows and home so I can learn more by seeing myself.

Sarah has made her job as the person that keeps everyone in line. This even means if she sees me stressed she tells everyone to shut up and move on somewhere else. Last and not least is my biggest supporter, who puts up with my crap and is OK being second fiddle to my four-legged animals, my boyfriend, Ryan. There are so many more supporters who have helped me get to where I am today and I am forever grateful to them as well.

Hoosier and I would like to thank KPP for this great opportunity and all of their amazing supplements that help keep Hoosier going and feeling good, whether it’s Contribute for his allergies, Ker-A-Form for his feet, or Summer Games Electrolyte for these hot summer days.

Until next week,


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  • Katie Gardner

    So excited to see this blog from one of my FAVORITE people! Can’t wait to see updates in the future! Make us proud Megan, after all some of us have to live through your successes!

  • Dulce Johnson

    Way to go Megan and KPP!!! I am thrilled to see that the company is supporting a local athlete who obviously has so much talent and dedication for her sport. Anyone who has ever said that riding is not a sport has never spent a long day at a horse show, or mucked a stall, or spent HOURS walking a fence line to find a hole or to find that halter or fly mask that their horse is determined not to wear any more. If anyone deserves the chance to succeed in a sport that is unfortunately dominated by those wealthy enough to own a string of horses and spend all day everyday training and traveling. Megan does not have that luxury and that is what makes her accomplishments so impressive and makes this sponsorship all the more important.
    So, thank you KPP and thank you Megan, for showing us what this sport is really about, the love of horses, the thrill of competition, and the perseverance and dedication to stick through all the ups and downs no matter how severe they are.

  • Anastasia Curwood

    Wow– Hoosier is gorgeous! Congratulations on your new relationship with KPP– and thanks KPP for supporting eventing!

  • Sarah Young

    No one works harder than Megan at achieving their goals! So glad she is getting the recognition she deserves!

  • Jessica Perkins

    Way to go Megan and Hoosier Daddy! I have never met anyone as committed to their horses or who works as hard as Megan does to make her equine dreams and goals come true. She is an amazingly dedicated rider and will make KPP proud to be her sponsor. What a fantastic match this team is; a talented rider, awesome horse, and a great company that makes the tried-and-true products to keep them at their peak!

  • Bob M.

    Thanks KPP for your support of “Team Have At It”.
    You have teamed up with a Classy, Determined young
    Lady, who will be an impressive voice on behalf of your
    outstanding product line . Go Get Um Girl.

  • Ramona Maxwell

    Megan, I am so proud of you! You have worked hard and I wish you continues success.

  • R. Hudson

    Love this and look forward to hearing more from Megan and Hoosier Daddy. It is nice to see that KPP is supporting local athletes and creating a great forum for horse enthusiasts.

  • R. Maxwell

    Congratulations Megan & KPP for what I’m sure will be a long and successful partnership!!! It’s people like Megan who deserve to be fully supported by the Equine community… Megan is a person who has made it as far as she has by sheer determination while always putting the interest of her Equine teammates as her top priority. I am quite sure that Megan will make any Company that supports her very proud. I commend KPP on having the foresight to know a great team when they see one… Best of Luck to KPP & Team Have At It!!!

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