“Comet was eating it, every last drop. And check out the results!”

“Oils! We all know that all creatures need fatty oils to balance out their diets and help with inflammation, hair coat, and antioxidants. So how do we do that? We need to add it, and Contribute is Kentucky Performance Productsʼ answer. Itʼs a liquid, so itʼs very easy to use, no scoops needed. Easy to store, the gallon size takes up a small footprint in your feed room.

“Feeding it, however, proved to be a bigger challenge for my particular horse, Comet. I needed to add an omega-3 source for him. He is getting back into work after being a pasture ornament for a while. And by pasture ornament, I really mean dirty, scraped up, dulled-out brown horse that needed some TLC from the inside out.

Contribute has a great ratio of omega fatty acids, (8 to 1 ratio of the omega 3ʼs to 6ʼs), so I know the 3ʼs will help with him getting back to work by reducing inflammation and helping his coat start blooming again. So it was a no-brainer, Contribute it is! Here is how it went.

“Day one: added the suggested dose to his rations. Delivered his bowl, watched him snub and step on the rations. And then he picked up the bowl and tossed it across the paddock. Then Comet walks over to meand says, “What the heck?? This is not worthy of me.”

“Day two: try again. More Comet pouting, pawing his bowl, and tossing it aside, rations flying everywhere. More angry when demanding a new bowl of rations.

“Day three: epic-sized tantrum. OK – back to the drawing board!

“So I called my friends at Kentucky Performance Products for some cheats. Start with a tiny dose, and add more over time. They also suggest adding it to your rations about 30 minutes or longer before you feed, so that the cherry smell has time to fade a bit.

“Done and done, and about a week later, Comet was eating it, every last drop. And check out the results!

“This photo was taken in early April 2012. His last encounter with shampoo was early December, 2011. Credit elbow grease and Contribute for the shine!”

– Liv Gude, Founder of Professional Equine Grooms

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