Neigh-lox and Micro-phase Keep Freckles on the Trail and Skyler in the Saddle!

Skyler, owner and jockey for “Freckles,” would like to thank KPP for its excellent product Neigh-Lox. Last year Skyler’s riding was severely limited because her pony didn’t feel good and had lots of tummy aches. Skyler described it this way: “Her no feel good, tummy hurts.” After the vet told Skyler’s mother that ponies don’t get ulcers, her Aunt sent Freckles some Neigh-Lox to try. Freckles liked her Neigh-Lox a lot, and after that her tummy didn’t hurt and she ate all her dinner.

Freckles used to have bony withers and a sharp backbone, but now Freckles’ back is like a couch, nice and soft and flat. Freckles has a big belly now, too. Freckles is so fat that Skyler’s mother says she needs to eat Micro-Phase because she eats too little grain to get all her vitamins and minerals. So now Aunt Eileen is sending her some Micro-Phase.

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