“…he is a much more agreeable boy, thanks to Neigh-Lox.”

“Snarky, girthy, spicy, irritated, and sometimes even piggish are words you could use to describe my jumper Comet when you push him or change his environment. He has always been like that. He’s a redhead, after all.

“I have used Neigh-Lox in the past for him during times of upcoming stressors, like a show or clinic where I know he will work a bit harder. It’s helped him to not be so “wound up” like the high-strung redhead he can be.

“At one point in his career, I needed to put Comet out to pasture for a few months to recover from a tiny injury. This was great for his brain and digestive system! But, he and I were both itching to get back to work, and I knew this would be a tricky time for him. (Well, I was itching to get back to work more than he was.) Moving to a new barn and going from total freedom to being exercised again would be big stressors.

“I busted out the Neigh-Lox and started adding it to his feed a few days before we moved. This is no small feat. This horse can pick out anything bad-tasting in his grain and make a neat little pile of it while eating the good stuff. No problems here — all gobbled up! Trailering was super easy, and it took about 12 seconds for Comet to feel at home in the new place.

“So now to the exercise portion of his life. It’s always taken him about 12 tightening sessions of girth adjustments before I can get on. Many, many objections! While being fed Neigh-Lox, the objections are almost all gone. There have also been no objections or opinions or snarks at the new routine of exercise. All is right with the world. He’s still a snarky, piggish redhead at heart, but now he’s a much more agreeable boy, thanks to Neigh-Lox.”

– Liv Gude, Founder of Professional Equine Grooms

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